Trusted News Initiative (Operation Mockingbird 2.0)

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If you want to know why all of your news is simply regurgitating the same talking points and repeating the same catch-phrases, over and over and over again, it might have something to do with the “Trusted News Initiative” which was established by the conglomerate digital overlords of the new world order: Youtube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, etc.

Similar to Operation Mockingbird before it, the Trusted News Initiative (what I am calling Operation Mockingbird 2.0) is to make sure the ones providing the narrative are the only ones who are allowed to police the narrative. It is akin to ‘placing the fox in charge of the hen house’ and then giving the ‘fox’ the authority to tell you what exactly is going on inside of the hen house, something he has already taken away.

In the same way you cannot judge a book by its cover (although some say you can), you cannot judge an organization by the adjectives it has in its name. There is no “trust” in anything that cannot be trusted.