The Metaphysical Gift of Bilocation: Being in Two Different Places at the Same Time.

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It seems as if every day I look at the news I learn of so called “science” discovering some concept or miracle that we Believers in God (the true God) already knew existed. When so called “scientists” discover something new, they just slap a name on it with “quantum” something or the other and then claim they made a major breakthrough in discovering it. Take for example this stupid concept called “spooky action at a distance” or what they have relabeled “quantum-entanglement“. This is where two independent particles in space are mysteriously linked across a wide distance and what happens to one particle in one location is affected by what happens to a separate particle in a different location. So, when these so called “scientists” discovered this, as usual, instead of admitting that it defied all concepts of their understanding of physics, they just slapped a “quantum” label on it and then claimed it was related to their science called “quantum physics”. Because after all, when your religion of science is based upon a bunch of beliefs that are proven wrong time and time again, you have to create another parallel “science” (in this case quantum physics) to explain why your religion suddenly doesn’t make any rational sense. You can keep your religion going that way. This is why I call it what it is: Quantum Bullsh**!

Anyway, we true believers know that God is absolutely sovereign and HE can do what he wants when he wants without any respect or regard to the religion of “science”. He doesn’t care about your laws of physics and he does not care about your understanding of things you clearly do not understand and never will understand. He is the Creator of the Universe. Not some uninitiated “big bang” or pool of amino acids.

That leads me to my next topic of Bilocation or being in two places at once. This miracle has been reported time and time again, and yet no one really talks about it. But I bet if some so called brain dead scientist were to call it “Quantum” something it would instantly make headlines.