There Is No Such Thing as Animal “Rescue”. It is Idolatry, Trafficking and a Cult.

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Once upon a time, dogs and cats were put outside of the home at night. Remember the doghouse? Gone are the days when people put their pets outside and now we have animals occupying the home and occupying the beds (in some instances) of their respective homes.

Not too long ago pets were referred to as animals, but today, it is not uncommon to see some poor sap pushing a stroller with a dog or a cat in it and referring to his/her animals as “pet children“.

Meanwhile, if you take one look at Facebook or YouTube, you will see a plethora of groups/organizations that belong to the pet rescue cult. Every day, I see new organizations that spring up out of nowhere, claiming that they are helping pets by “rescuing” them from a local animal control shelter and taking them to a so called “no-kill” shelter or trying to find them a “forever home” — whatever the hell that is. How the hell can a human being who lacks spiritual, emotional, financial, relationship stability provide any kind of stability to an animal, that too the stability of providing a roof over the animal’s head — FOREVER???

After being “rescued” these animals are recycled into the animal trafficking racket known as pet “rescue”. Similar to “clean” coal or “kinetic action”, pet “rescue” is a misnomer and it feeds on human sympathy and misinformation. It especially wreaks havoc on the fragile empathies of the brain damaged, of the lonely, of the mentally and/or spiritually disturbed psyches of the general public. And while it affects both males and females (because there are plenty of men involved in this racket), it is an “industry” dominated mostly by women. Personally, I believe this may have something to do with the story of Adam and Eve where Eve decided to talk to a serpent in the Garden of Eden and listen to the serpent rather than God or her husband. I believe that was the very first instance of attempted animal “rescue” in the world. And just at look what followed thereafter!

The animal “rescue” crowd spends hours of wasted time posting picture after picture of some animal that needs to be “rescued” onto their social media accounts. Just one look at their accounts and you can clearly see the signs of cult language and cult recruiting.

Each day, physical “rescuers” run around like a chicken with its head cut off and gather these animals from all types of situations (households where they are unwanted, animal control centers, street alleys, Walmart parking lots, apartment complexes, restaurants, etc.) only to put them back out in circulation through “adoption”. After all, how can you just “give” a pet to someone when they are considered children? But first they “fix” them by neutering them or spaying them at the Vet (who is charging for this service btw) because after all, you do remember that God said, don’t be fruitful and DO NOT multiply when he was creating the Earth, right? I am being sarcastic. He said the opposite. But these “rescue” geniuses believe they are doing God’s work by having them fixed and not realizing that by “rescuing” them and fixing them, they are just getting the mills that produce these animals to breed more animals for the pet “rescue” cult. Do you know how fast this animal trafficking ring would collapse if every so called “rescue” just STOPPED what they were doing? Once the money stops, then the machine will stop. Until then, it will continue indefinitely.

In any case, this racket is worth billions and billions of dollars because it keeps the never-ending pipeline full of money generating animals shuttling to vets, to pet stores, to grocery stores and to hotel chains (where hoteliers charge an extra “fee” for this type of guest). Everyone in the process is making money and if they are not, they are just not bright enough to understand what is actually going on. The animals themselves are innocent in all of this. It’s the manipulators who feed off of the low level “rescuer” and the animals who are at fault. The manipulators run the show. They are at the top of this pyramid. The low level worker bees at the bottom truly believe they are helping a worldwide benevolent cause. Most of the time, these low levels are simply “donating” their time to these organizations. They are doing exactly what each fallen generation before them did. They are practicing IDOLATRY! And they are getting others to practice this form of idolatry and pet worship. Instead of keeping their marriages intact and taking care of their children, they are giving their time over to a creature and ignoring God’s clear commands. If you read Romans 1, you will see what happens when you serve the creature, rather than the Creator. God gives you over to a reprobate mind! And if you want to know what happens after you are given over to a reprobate mind, read Romans 1.

Romans 1 was an admonishment to the future generations that came after the Egyptians, Romans and the Greeks who all engaged in some form of animal exaltation and/or worship. The Egyptians famously worshipped CATS!

Here is a video I saw on YouTube (made by a person who is not affiliated with this site) about dogs. I think much of what she says can also be attributed to the broader pet “rescue” cult in general. Please be advised that while the content is generally acceptable for most audiences, there is some adult language in text form, so please be advised. Enjoy!