Fight Fire w/ Fire: Roe V. Wade = No Mask/Vaccine Mandate!

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I’m not a believer in some man-made Constitution.

I never have been, I never will be because this same man-made Constitution is filled with commandments of men (lawyers precisely) who have ignored God’s law. This is the same Constitution which is silent on the sin of adultery (which Jesus was explicitly clear on) and the abominations that are offensive to God which this country proudly supports. The day we include God’s law in the Constitution (which will be NEVER), I will accept the additional commandments of men contained in this document. Plus, judges religiously upend this “constitution” all the time when they go to make decisions. They do this because they play with the meanings and the intentions of the original Constitution to create new laws and/or to subvert the ones that conflict with their positions on any given day. To put it simply, judges blow with the direction of the wind. They do not care about this and neither should you. Put your faith in God, not in judges or in lawyers.

With that being said, we are now at a crossroads. We are being told that this new administration is looking to pass a law that requires a mask mandate. Certain businesses are demanding we comply. My response: GTH!

You cannot have it both ways with the commandments of men. The US Supreme Court has already ruled that Roe V. Wade is established and until that precedent is repealed, it applies to everyone whether we like it or not. That law continues to be applied liberally as pro-choicers chant, “my body, my choice”. Okay, no problem (wink, wink). And since egalitarianism is the mantra of this Nuevo Sodom & Gomorrah we call the United States of America, that ruling is applied to all of us equally (until it is repealed). My body, my choice, is just that. You cannot tell me that women have the right to end a life without any permission from her husband or from God above and then turn around and tell me that I have to wear a stupid monkey mask (which the majority of masks will NOT stop any viruses, as per the disclaimers) or take a vaccine (a vaccine which has skipped long term studies and animal testing in order to be brought to market by the pharmaceutical industry which has iron clad liability protection) in order to participate in society. It just does not work that way.

The two opposing thoughts cannot co-exist in a Roe V. Wade society: Masks/Vaccines are mandatory and the court ruling Roe V. Wade is also mandatory. Nope. Some will probably say that the two can coexist if the Supreme Court says so, but then again you are assuming that people like us believe that lawyers and judges are superior to God. Judicial supremacy is for those who believe that lawyers and glorified “lawyers” (aka as Judges) are the new “god”. They are not. And news flash – they never will be.

The judicial precedent is very clear on this subject in Roe V. Wade. The precedent is established in all 50 states and we cannot reject it without a court ruling to overturn it (at least that is what “they” say). So, as long as that law stands, so does my attitude towards anything that conflicts with it, including requiring me to do something to my body which I am opposed to doing (especially if I am not sick — even if your bogus tests say that I am). If you want to change that, then you will have to do the inevitable and revisit your decision on Roe V. Wade. And this time, use some common sense and pretend you have some fear of God.