Niccolò Machiavelli’s “The Prince” – A Lesson in Serpent Wisdom

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Jesus commanded his disciples to be as “…wise as serpents…”. Yet, many times in my own life, I believe I have failed to heed this warning and have been betrayed by serpents who have clearly mastered the art of treachery and betrayal. Christians need training in the art of serpents so that we better understand the mind of a devil. Unlike what many of the mainline false churches claim, we are NOT all children of God. Some people are clearly the children of Satan as Jesus rightfully said in the book of John.

So, today, I ran across a video where a YouTuber compiled an animated summary of the tenants of The Prince. This book was written by Niccolò Machiavelli and it is used by many in the political sphere to conquer or destroy their enemies and to rule over the masses. In brief summary of what this book is trying to convey: To be a ruler, you must be ruthless, fearless and remember to crush your enemies as they may rise again. Ethics and rules are for fools.

I suggest you read the book or watch this if you want to better understand what it means to be wise like a serpent.