Beware Of Those Pesky Theragrippers On Those Nasal Swabs!

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Just when you thought your Operation Lockstep, John D Rockefeller worshipping governments around the world were out there to protect you, there comes a new worry. The Theragrippers!

I am posting a link to Operation Lockstep here: Rockefeller Foundation – Lock Step

This is something that the liars at Google and the demonic “fact checkers” claim is false, but it is actually true — The Rockefeller foundation did publish a section on their new world order entitled “Lock Step”. See page 18 of this document that I posted in the above link.

We are currently living in the age of Lock Step. And lock step is actually a continuation or interpolation of the Project for a New American Century, which was published in September 2000 by neocon republicrats or I mean demopublicans. Sorry, I cannot tell the difference between these two parties, which is why I frequently make these types of mistakes. Anyway, we will cover the Project for a New American Century, later.

Back to the topic of Theragrippers! It sounds like something you would read about on one of those “conspiracy sites”…but in reality, it’s something you can find right here on John Hopkins’ Medicine Website.

Now, I have to say that I have not personally tested or seen a theragripper in my life. So, I do not know if these “microdevices” are actually attached to the nasal swabs that the governments around the world want to shove up your nose to check to see if you have any viruses. It is quite possible that the “theragripper” is something that will be used in future deployments of nasal swabs or it is quite possible that they created these things for some other purpose (nefarious or otherwise). I personally do not put my faith in man (doctor, lawyer, government official, etc.). I put my faith in God and God alone. We are not to trust people because people of the world are sinners. Sinners sin! Therefore, we cannot allow ourselves to be deceived by a fellow sinner!

Here are a few videos created by YouTubers which demonstrate the cause for concern about these “Theragrippers”.