Beware of the Rise of the Multi-Million Dollar Administrative State of Bureaucracy

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One thing I have been noticing around the United States is that in the past 12 months or so is that we have given rise to an administrative state of health inspectors, code enforcement agents, police swat teams and other unelected officials who have taken on a dramatic new profession of making lots of money off of fines and foolish local mandates. Take for instance this gym in New Jersey, which is accruing fines from the state for over one million dollars and counting!

In addition to all of that revenue generating nonsense from local governments, we also have new mandates for hoteliers and restaurateurs who have to spend an obscene amount of money on stupid monkey masks which they have to give to their guests/employees, dangerous amounts of industrial strength chemicals they have to keep spraying on every surface constantly, moronic floor/seat “social distancing” decals and brain dead plastic dividers.

Instead of unleashing productive businesses that create well intentioned products and constructively generate incomes for their States and local economies, the government is unleashing a politically motivated, bureaucratic, panopticon based police state.