The Milgram Experiment: The Authority Figure Bias

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The United States and the world at large suffers from a “stupidity complex”. You cannot walk 10 feet without seeing someone somewhere doing something so dumb, so stupid, it defies all logic. It is almost as if common sense has become a rare commodity.

But underlying this greater “stupidity complex” is America’s infatuation with following orders from people wearing lab coats or uniforms. And as Christians, it is true, we must obey the power structures that God has placed above us, because we are all under submission to Godly authority. That’s what makes us Christian, unlike the pagans who claim they obey and/or follow no one. However, we are also called to be wise “as serpents”. So, we are not to mute our Godly wisdom or intellect in the face of commands coming from ungodly authority. We must pay attention and we must discern what is Godly and what is unholy. We cannot simply go along to get along. We are called out of this world, not to conform to the patterns of this world. And as a new Christian, this can be very confusing because we are to obey the harshest authority, but we are not to disobey God, either. That brings me to the overwhelming propensity for so called “Christians” to obey three letter agencies, such as the CDC, in spite of this three letter agency being wrong at so many points in time in the past. Christians will not obey the three letter Father and Creator of the universe, God (Christians divorce freely, in spite of clear commands against it), but they will obey and respect the CDC by wearing these stupid masks.

One cannot walk a few feet in college town without seeing someone driving down the road on a motorcycle without a helmet on, but they have not forgotten to wear their dumb mask. And they wear it outdoors, proudly. They have it glued to their faces, no matter where they are. They could be all alone in their cars, and you will see their dumb masks on their faces. And they look at you, like you are an alien from outer space, if you don’t have yours on while walking down the road. What they do not understand is that these mask wearing morons are nothing more than walking advertisements for the vaccine(s) because the mask is nothing more than a compliance marketing tool to advertise for the vaccine. It drives up fear in the general public and it signals to others that you are taking the sickness du jour seriously. And there will always be a sickness du jour, so you better keep vaccinating!

But all of this is rooted in society’s willingness to support and agree with anyone wearing a lab coat or a uniform. This is something that has been proven with experiments such as a the Milgram Experiment which proved that people overwhelmingly (some say over 60% of the population) do things to their detriment regardless of whether or not it is “safe” or “effective” as long as the order is coming from a person in a lab coat or uniform.

Listen to Fauci, he knows what he is talking about: