Demopublican? Republicrat? What’s the difference again?

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The next time someone tells you their party affiliation, I want you to ask them a simple question:  Which one of the two parties obeys God’s Word (the Bible)?

Neither party comes close to aligning itself with God’s Word and God’s Law.  Neither party.  They all accept and support, with small degrees of variance what God has clearly rejected in the Bible.  Which party rejects divorce and remarriage according to the Scripture?  Which party rejects Adultery?  That’s not even a crime anymore in most jurisdictions and even in the ones where it is still listed as a crime, it is never enforced (to my knowledge).  Which party rejects idolatry or the worship of false gods?  Neither one of them do.  Which party says that marriage is between a man and a woman and that remarriage, except for fornication is adultery?  Which party rejects taking God’s name in vain?  Which party rejects theft?  You might say both do, but the candidates of each party steal lots of things at various points in their careers (votes, money, other people’s spouses, etc).  Which party tells you not to covet?  Which party is against murder?  Which party tells you not to bear false witness?  Which party is telling you to obey God and to love him with all your heart and all your might?  Didn’t Jesus say that was the greatest of all of his commands?  And by loving him, it means we obey him, correct?  So, which party has aligned itself with this command since Christ said this was the greatest command above everything else? 

Neither of the parties are aligned with any of the above.  Both parties respect the courts above everything else (and the godless judges that run them) and claim that their manmade law (authored by lawyers) is supreme in all aspects of life on this Earth.  This is NOT what the Bible prescribes, but this is what most people believe. 

Not only does neither mainline party subscribe to anything the Bible has commanded, neither do any of the ancillary parties of the political spectrum.  They are all the same because they all have the same false foundational flaw that we should be living in a society where EVERYONE has an equal say in everything and that everyone is functionally equal to everyone else.  Yes, we should be a color blind society with racial equality without a doubt, but not functional equality because we are all not functionally the same.  I cannot fly a plane the same way another person may not be able to create a website.  Likewise, a woman can give birth to a baby, but a man cannot (not naturally, anyway).   We do not have functional equality, no matter what the presstitute mockingbird media tells you (or the Satanically influenced courts tell you). 

On paper, all of this “equality” nonsense sounds great.  But in reality, this is nothing more than the Devil’s plot to interfere with God’s clear instructions to mankind.  Because once you start introducing broad equality (the Satanic kind) into society, you have to start putting unsavory people on the same footing as everyone else.  Why in the hell would anyone want to put a member of the Satanic Church on the same platform as a true Christian? I don’t care about Satanic equality! There’s no need for “equality” in this situation. Where in the Bible does it tell us to do this? Where does it tell us to treat the heathen and the unbeliever as an “equal”? It states the opposite. We are not to be like the unbeliever or the child of darkness.

Doesn’t Jesus warn us right after the Sermon on the Mount to use discretion in making sound judgements of people by basing it upon their fruits?  Where in the hell am I told to put sexual immorality on equal footing with Godly doctrine???  Where in the world does it tell me that God wants us to live in a godless society governed by ourselves where we take popular votes on everything by asking the godless what they want to do?  That Scripture does not exist.  If anything, Scripture is clear.  We are to do God’s will and God’s will alone.  NOT man’s will.  And certainly not the will of atheists or people who have rejected God. 

I will write more extensively about this subject in the coming months and years, but I want you to think about your political affiliations.  I want you to question the world around you and the world you are living in.  Are you living in it for God’s glory or for man’s glory or for your very own glory?