SIMONY: One Of The Deadliest Sins That No One Really Talks About…

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You have probably heard about the 7 Deadly Sins. Remember those sins that the Catholic Church once abhorred and took a firm stance against? What ever happened to those days when our Church leaders actually cared about what actually offended God?

Remember those days when the offender was actually held accountable by the Church for breaking one of God’s commands and actually handed over to Satan for destruction of the flesh, as prescribed in 1 Corinthians 5 or 1 Timothy 1:20? …Yeah, neither do I. That’s because the modern churches have absolutely no resemblance to the Church in the New Testament of the Bible. In fact, most churches of modern times have nothing in common with the Christianity of the Bible. The Jesus they preach of in modern times is actually a chimera of Gandhi and John Lennon combined, some type of pacifist who is not at all concerned about the sin of divorce or adultery, but cares more about the Earth and it’s so called “climate change“. This new age version of Jesus has nothing to do with the true Jesus who was very clear in his condemnation of divorce and remarriage. The Jesus of the Bible offends many (more often than not, people that heard Jesus preach were so offended that they picked up rocks to throw at him after he finished a sermon — that is what the New Testament says). The Jesus of the Bible told one of his would be followers to let the dead bury the dead when he asked Jesus if he could bury his father. How often have you heard that preached in modern churches?

This leads me to the topic at hand: I can almost guarantee you that most people have never even heard of this other deadly sin called “Simony”. How can a church which has forgotten the true Jesus remember all of the deadly sins? It cannot.

In fact, it is so deadly that even its namesake, Simon (the Sorcerer), begged for forgiveness upon being called out by St. Peter. See here. In layman’s terms, the sin of Simony is the giving or receiving of money for any of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. There are certain “pastors” online who will gladly sell you an exorcism and that would be an example of Simony according to the Biblical definition.

The Roman Catholic Church still has the sin of Simony referenced in the Catechism, but I believe that the Catechism will eventually be revised to conform to the New World Order’s liking based upon what the mainline churches are doing and saying these days.

…You can probably count the number of YouTube videos on the subject of Simony on one hand and I would opine that none of them are good.

Here’s one that I found that did a good job summarizing the part about Simon the Sorcerer from the book of Acts. Enjoy!