Klaus Schwab’s the Great Narrative and His Circular Economy!

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Just when you thought you had heard enough of the World Economic Forum’s plans for Agenda 2030 and their “Great Reset”, now comes Klaus Schwab and his Great Narrative. Klaus has written a follow up book to the “Great Reset” which tells countries around the world (particularly those who are members of Davos and the clandestine Bilderberg group) on how to implement the changes needed to bring in the Great Reset.

Klaus is not just looking to take advantage of the covid era politics, but to reshape the world and its economies into what he calls a “stakeholder capitalism” oriented global economy. In this economy, everything is circular. In other words, manufacturers are now taking items they produce and either repairing items, renewing items or recycling items back into the product to consumer pipeline. It also introduces a concept known as “product as a service” which is just a fancy way to say “renting” items to the consumer for a predefined time period, rather than selling the goods to them outright. This is similar to the “software as a service” (also known as SaaS) model that has been implemented by software companies around the world. In this business model, you never really own anything because you are just “leasing” it for a predefined amount of time. And the moment you stop paying, that is when the product is simply returned to the “stakeholder” owner and you are no longer allowed to use it.

You can read all about it yourself by going to Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Great-Narrative-Reset/dp/2940631301

Here is Klaus in all his “glory” explaining how he must control the great narrative in Dubai.