Spike Lee in 1980’s vs Spike Lee TODAY

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This is Spike Lee (fresh out of NYU film school) in the late 80’s

Warning – this scene contains unnecessary obscenities, but as we all know, as long as it’s coming from Hellywood, it’s all good….

Clearly, “Fight The Power” was not created by Spike Lee, but it was created by Public Enemy for Spike’s movie.

Here is the same lame brain, Spike Lee pushing Big Pharma today:


Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

This is why you should never follow ANY Hellywood celebrity. They blow with the wind and sell out faster than a chicken sandwich on sale at Popeye’s. And that’s an insult to Popeye’s and the chicken sandwiches…cause at least we expect the latter to always sell out!

The moral of the story: DO NOT BE SPIKE LEE. Don’t take this stupid vaccine!