Beware: A Dangerous Drug That Makes You Involuntarily Compliant

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Approximately 3 years ago, a young man from the USA was traveling abroad in a Latin American country and was offered a glass of juice from a stranger who appeared to be friendly. A few minutes after digesting the juice, the young man fell into a trance for hours and slowly but surely (without any struggle) handed the robber his wedding ring, his money and his cell phone. When the man woke up out of his trance, he realized he had been robbed. He called the local police and the police confiscated the remnants of the juice and opened a case to find the perpetrator. The case is still active to open and active today.

What happened to this young man is probably what happens to many unsuspecting people who are unfamiliar with the drug known as scopolamine. While the case above is still active and we do not know exactly what happened to this individual, we believe he was a victim of this drug. This drug allegedly makes you compliant without your full knowledge and/or consent. No one that is looking at you will be able to tell that you are under the drug’s immediate influence. You will probably act and behave like you normally have, except a perpetrator can exploit the drug’s effects by getting you to obey and/or comply with whatever the perpetrator wants. The only way you will be able to tell that you had been under the drug’s influence is once the drug wears off. And even then, you will doubt reality because you will usually have no recollection what happened while you were under the drug’s control.

A few years ago, the Daily Mail in the UK ran an article claiming that this drug that makes you compliant was the “Most Dangerous Drug in the World”.

Watch this Vice mini-documentary about this drug posted on YouTube (Please note that this program contains language and/or subject matter which is NOT suitable for viewing by children):