Guns? You Have Bigger Problems! …The Advent of Stealth Directed Energy Weapons.

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Stealth directed energy weaponry is in use all over the world. Directed energy weapons use microwaves and/or lasers to focus intense energy on one target. In November 2020, the Times in the UK reported that the Chinese military used microwave energy weapons to eviscerate Indian troops in the Ladakh region. However, according to the Indian Express which cites the Indian military, this is “fake news”. Or is it?

The mainstream media rarely talks about it, but these weapons are far more than just lethal. If the target is lucky enough to survive, these weapons can be debilitating and they can render a target useless in a matter of a few seconds without the target even knowing that they have been “hit”. A story that was run in GQ says that there is evidence that microwave energy weapons were used against US diplomats all over the world and these energy weapons may have already been utilized against targets on US soil.

As more and more countries invest in directed energy weapons, the black market on these weapons will naturally increase and eventually, these weapons will show up at your doorstep a lot sooner than you think. And as far as we know, a bullet proof vest will not protect you from the nasty effects of these weapons.

Here’s the overall problem: A target that is hit with a bullet, if he or she survives, can recover from the bullet injury eventually. However, with directed energy weapons, the target can be rendered permanently disabled and/or they can be killed over time from the internal complications caused by these weapons.