The Propaganda Arm of the Pharmaceutical Industry Issues a Statement

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The propaganda and public relations arm of the pharmaceutical industry, also known as the “CDC” has issued a directive telling its captive audience (the American public and the world at large) that it should wear masks everywhere outdoors, even though that makes absolutely no sense, scientifically or otherwise.

If you have to start wearing those stupid monkey masks outdoors in order to prevent the catching a virus, then I’m sorry to inform you that you are probably going to die and you need to start making funeral arrangements right now because those blue, over the ear loop masks will NOT stop any virus from entering your body. In fact, some of the boxes for those masks said just that, but the public is being brainwashed into thinking otherwise.

Conveniently, this new directive comes just in time during the great push to get everyone vaccinated (imagine that). And it is just a coincidence that the same jackals that were telling us to NOT wear masks when this “pandemic” began are now telling us to wear them all of the time. If you did not already understand, those vaccines will eventually by mandatory (if not mandated by the government itself, definitely by the non-governmental organizations controlling businesses). It is up to you to fight back! Because if they get away with this, there will definitely be a sequel in the not too distant future.

As I have reported previously, the masks are part of an intense gorilla influence marketing campaign in order to hype up a virus which is far less deadlier than SARS and MERS (the two related “cousins” to COVID-19). And since the governments of the world missed their chances to push out a global vaccine for those two, they have decided to go all in this time around.

The masks are nothing more than politically charged marketing tools for the pharmaceutical industry and that’s because those masks are too porous to stop virus particles from entering the human body (and the boxes of those masks said just that.)

We still do not know where this virus came from and by the looks of it, we may never know exactly where or why this virus came into being. The US media (the propaganda machine for big governments worldwide) quickly buried a story from Indian researchers that indicated the virus known as Covid-19 has signs of human engineering). In fact, there were subsequent scientific inquiries into the origins, but the media refused to do its practical job of investigation and instead chose to push out the simplistic and culturally scurrilous accusation that the virus originated in an outdoor market in Wuhan that sold bats. After all, why not just blame another culture’s weird cuisine for all of your problems, right? While, it is definitely a China Virus (notoriously referred to as the “Kung Flu”), it may also be a CDC sponsored virus if the reports that our government was involved in the creation of a lab born coronavirus in cooperation with a Wuhan facility.