Notice That Most Modern Movies are Feminist Fantasies? Blame the Bechdel Test.

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If you have gone to the movies, you will see things that simply did not exist just a few years ago and a few decades ago. That’s because, Hollywood (or as I like to call it, HellyWood) has been slowly eroding the classical tale of “boy meets girl” and replacing it with “girl power”.

Many people think that movies such as the new Star Wars episodes 7 through 9 (an abysmal abomination of the franchise that George Lucas built), The Ghostbusters (2016), Terminator: Dark Fate (2019), etc. are all natural evolutions of storytelling where suddenly (and often miraculously) you have butch females appearing in the lead roles for movie franchises that were traditionally male roles. What’s worse is that you never see traditional courtship of any kind in these new movies because these movies are often restricted by the unspoken rules in Hollywood. Modern movies cannot have female characters vying for the attention of a male hero and they cannot promote orthodox Christianity in any way (i.e. husband and wife married forever, raising a family). Instead, they revolve around single parenthood, the struggles of rapid dating in a world where looks are everything, cultivating individual freedom (the moronic concept of it) and rebelling against anything that remotely resembles the patriarchy (again, rejecting every aspect of orthodox Christianity). This is where the hidden (rarely ever talked about) Bechdel Test comes in. Vogue UK wrote an article on the subject, here. And while they contend that many films still fail the Bechdel Test due to the granular feminist checklist administered to movies, I beg to differ.

A few years ago, a friend of mine (wink, wink) was in a high level meeting called by the owners of a well known cable network where we they brought in an author that specialized in forecasting cultural trends. The author (whom I will leave unnamed for now), had written extensively on patterns and trends in cultures and generations for decades and had become an expert in forecasting patterns in households all over the world. The key takeaways from this meeting was fairly simple: Stay away from TV programming that highlighted the morality and traditions of the past and focus on the fragmented, irreverent and often asymmetrical families (or non-families) of the present and the future. Females watch more programming and are heading up more households as a single parent. Our goal was to harden the ways of the world, not change it. The storytelling of “boy meets girl” is of a bygone era.

With a few exceptions, most notably a movie that was made over a decade ago, The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009), Hellywood has strayed far away from traditional storytelling and has morphed into a culture bending, highly politicized, virtue signaling echo chamber for the new world order. It promotes the divorce industrial complex as well as the military industrial complex. It glamourizes single parenthood and the infinite dating carousel. For those of you that are looking for a return of storytelling from yester-year, I am sorry to inform you that it will never happen — not in our life times, unfortunately.

In the meantime, I do suggest you take a look at this movie from 2009, if you get a chance. It is a love story surrounding a boy and a girl that meet (more than once, in fact) and stay in love and stay married for all time. And the female lead, played by Rachel McAdams, does not shy away from dedicating herself to her husband. Aside from one scene in the movie, which clearly was an injection of new world order propaganda, the film is well made and very endearing. It’s a shame they never made a sequel to it (or at least a derivative of it).

Anyway, here’s the trailer to The Time Traveler’s Wife.