Is Drake a Christian? No….Not according to Drake.

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I love how people think they can determine one’s Christianity or conformity to the Christian faith by simply typing the words “Is ______ a Christian?” As if Google’s search engine is the bastion of truth for questions such as these. However, people spend hours scouring the internet looking for whether or not their favorite artist or idol is a Christian. It’s almost as if they have not read their Bibles, because the Bible tells us how to discern one’s alignment to the Faith.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus tells us if we want to make a determination of whether or not someone is evil, we must look at their works. He uses the analogy of a tree and its fruit. We must judge the tree by its fruit. And in the case of celebrities, we must examine the by product of their craft to determine whether or not they are truly people of Faith or whether they are just actors in a stage play pretending to be Christian. And I hate to say it, but by this standard, you will find very, very few, if ANY people that are actually following the Faith in the modern world, particularly in the USA which I have said is 10,000 times worse than Sodom & Gomorrah’s transgressions. So, while Google can pontificate and tell us that “yes” someone is or “no” someone is not a Christian, the truth of the matter is that you cannot rely on Google to tell you the truth on anything. You also cannot ask the person if he or she is a Christian because that is also meaningless. They can claim whatever they want to claim. Because the Bible tells us that even demons believe in God. So, who cares? Believing in God does not make you a believer because if we were to use that standard, then demons would be Christians.

Here’s a Youtuber that tries to break down Drake’s faith. Take a look, if you dare: