Merry Jesus CHRIST-mass

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Hallelujah for the birth of our Lord! Because without CHRIST mass, we would not have a chance in hell of being saved. NOT ONE chance.

We are all sinners, and it is for this reason, Jesus was born. To save the elect from the certainty of hell.

No matter how much they commercialize Christmas, no matter how much they try to disrespect our Lord by turning Christmas into “Santa Claus” day where consumers and their children open gifts, Christmas will always be about the KING of KINGS and the LORD OF LORDS! (btw, Orthodox Catholic teaching tells us that there really was a Saint Nicholas)

And as the name suggests, it is a MASS for Christ.

…With that being said, I vividly remember watching Charles M. Schulz’s A Charlie Brown Christmas back in the day. They have attempted to censor this over the years, but I found a YouTuber that uploaded a very important portion of this program. Enjoy!