This Person Did Receive the Vaccine Even If Your Eyes Say Otherwise! Welcome to Insano-Land!

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Kick The Truth is growing everyday. And in order to reach a broader audience, we have decided to suspend reality and expand our topics to cater to a segment of our readers who live in Insano-Land (either on a temporary or a permanent basis). Some of you have moved to Insano- Land to get away from your neighbors who defiantly walk around without a facial cloth covering over their faces. Others of you are remotely working in Insano Land because your businesses and/or jobs have been indefinitely suspended by the necessary lockdowns. We understand and we care about you and your family!

Kick the Truth is all about inclusivity, diversity and and all of the other asinine PC buzz words that are repeated by our mainstream press 7 hours a day, 24 days a week. We want you to know that we are dedicated to helping you out through this pandemic ordeal. And it was not a “planned-demic” even if your FaceBook friends keep sending you this stupid video about Event 201 which was uploaded back on Nov 4, 2019. Event 201 is nothing more than good planning by very good leaders who were blessed with innate scientific ability (and extra large pineal glands) to prepare in advance for the events that were to follow in the years 2020 and beyond. Klaus Schwab is not a boogey man. He, like Bill Gates, is benevolent and we need to follow his instructions because he will lead us out of this pandemic onto bigger and brighter futures.

Now, lately, some conspiracy theorists have uploaded the dumb video below to “prove” their baseless and absurd conspiracy theories that some people are faking their vaccinations on television. This is completely absurd and it is causing undue distress to the folks living in Insano Land. We are offended that some of you think that our medical professionals (especially the ones administering the precious vaccine) would even think of lying to you. Science is based upon …SCIENCE! Science is not some form of mythology. These are not fake gods giving you some psuedo medicine for an ailment you don’t really have. These health officials are the holiest people that are known to be living, only second in line to lawyers and judges.

Our suggestion for those science-deniers living outside of Insano Land: GET AN EYE EXAM! YOU NEED ONE!!